Welcome to Sys Simmentals!

Thank you for your interest in our cattle.

On behalf of all of us here at Sys Simmentals, I would like to welcome you to our 10th Annual Sale. I hope all of you have had a successful 2017. It definitely gave us a few challenges with the lack of rainfall in the area. We kept all the cows in until the second week of June then filled the pastures to 60% by keeping the reciept cows and bred heifers in until after we ultra-sounded the end of July. Lots of people had to find a way to deal with a shortage of grass this year but a little silver lining, I have heard several reports of higher weaning weights thought to be contributed to the hard dry grass. 

This year we are offering 49 bulls for your selection. At birth the bulls were vaccinated with Ultra Choice 7 and Inforce Three. At 3 weeks they were given a Bovishield Gold 5. Then they were vaccinated with One Shot and given a booster of Ultra Choice 7 at turnout. At weaning they received OneShot Ultra 7, Resvac 4/Somubac,and poured with Dectomax then poured again in December.

The bulls were fed a high roughage TMR consisting of chopped hay, corn silage, ground high moisture corn, and dried distiller grain. Along with free choice salt and flax lick tubs.

Bulls pened for veiwing at 10:00
Lunch served at 11:00
Sale starts at 1:00
We’ll see you on sale day!

Feel free to contact us with any questions.