Welcome to our 11th Annual Production Sale!
February 13, 2019 1:00 PM CST at the ranch - Douglas, ND

I would like to welcome every one to this years 11th annual sale. We have been doing quite  a bit of AI and embryo transfer work since the 90’s to build our cow herd with the best genetics available. As you analyze this sale book you will find the heaviest and largest volume set of bulls that we have produced. Please look over the whole catalog as the lots are in order by birth date and you will find top end bulls throughout.

This year we are offering 58 bulls for your selection. At birth the bulls were vaccinated with C&D and Inforce Three. At 3 weeks they were given a Bovishield Gold 5 and an Ultra Choice 7. Then they were vaccinated with One Shot Ultra at turnout. At weaning they received OneShot Ultra 7, Resvac 4/Somubac,and poured with Dectomax then poured again in December with Cleanup.

Preweaning we introduced creep feeders with 1/2 oats and 1/2 creep pellets. We feel this is a safe and effective way to lower stress at weaning and get calves started on feed. Post weaning the bulls were fed a high roughage 48 mcal TMR consisting of chopped hay, corn silage, ground high moisture corn, and dried distiller grain. Along with free choice salt and Flaxlic tubs.

Bulls penned for viewing at 10:00
Lunch served at 11:00
Sale starts at 1:00
We’ll see you on sale day!

Sys Simmentals

For More Information Please Call:
Gary & Nan Sys Family
Email: sys@srt.com

Derek & Jen Sys Family
(701)509-5870  (701)722-5533
Email: dj.sys@hotmail.com

Sale Location:
9400 205th Ave SW
Douglas, ND 58735

Driving Directions:
From Minot, ND: 10 miles south on Hwy 83, 5 miles west on County Road 20, 2 miles south on County Road 15, 1-1/4 miles west. From junction of Hwy. 83 & Hwy. 23: 5 miles west, 3 miles north on County Road 15, 1-1/4 miles west. From Korral Supply: 1/4 mile north and 1-1/4 miles west

Visitors welcome anytime!